Fat Tuesday Menu


Sweet Tea, Regular Tea, Raspberry Tea, Lemonade, Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Root Beer

Coffee (free refills), Milk (no free refills)

Budweiser, Bud Lite, Miller Lite

Jazz, Dixie, Blackened Voodoo, Abita beers, Peace Tree beers, and other specialty beers

(depending on availability, ask your wait staff)

Glass of wine or Bottle of wine


Sampler Platter (Gumbo, Jambalaya, Etouffe’, Red Beans & Rice )

Each sample

Crawfish Boudin Ball

Alligator Boudin Ball

Blackened Frog Legs

Cheesy Cajun Fries

Family Size: 4 sets of Frog Legs

Fried White Meat Alligator

Appetizer Fried Oysters

Shrimp: Boiled, Fried, Blackened or Sauteed

Seafood Appetizer: Fried Shrimp, Oyster, Frog Leg, White Meat Gator, and Fried Catfish

Vegetable Starter: Fried Okra, Sweet Potato Fries, Cajun French Fries, and Fried Pickles

Smothered Cajun Fries (smothered with Etouffee’)


Catfish, Shrimp, Red Snapper and Chicken Srips can be served fried, blackened, grilled or sauteed.

Catfish and Cajun Fries (Fries can be substituted for any side)

Catfish, Cajun Fries and One side

Red Snapper and 2 sides

Sautee’d Catfish and Sautee’d Shrimp over Pasta

Sautee’d Catfish and Sautee’d Shrimp over a bed of Rice

Gumbo and two sides

Jambalaya and two sides

Etouffee’ and two sides

Red Beans and Rice and two sides

Smothered Catfish (smothered with Crawfish Etouffee’)

Blackened Catfish and one side

Fried or grilled chicken strips and two sides

Fried Chicken Drummies and two sides

Large Chefs Salad

Small Chefs Salad

(Dressing choices: Ranch, French, Italian, Blue Cheese and Honey Mustard)

DAVE’S SUPER SPECIAL (according to Dave, the best of everything he loves here!)

$23.95 - 2 Bowls of Gumbo, Fried Catfish and Cajun Fries

$2.95 Sides: Cajun Cole Slaw,  Fried Pickles, Fried Okra Cajun Greens

Lettuce and dressing Potato Salad Cajun French Fries Regular Fries

Sweet Potato Fries Cajun String Green Beans Sweet Potatoes

Pasta Vinaigrette

$1.00 - Regular Corn Bread

$1.00 - Jalepeno Corn Bread

Fat Tuesday Po’ Boy Sandwiches

Choices: French Bread or Tortilla Wrap

Fully Dressed: Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Mayo and Special Sauce)

$7.95 - Pork – Fried, GrilledOR $8.94 blackened

$7.95 - Chicken – Fried, grilled OR$8.95 blackened

$9.95 - Fried Oyster with the succulent flavors your mouth will dance to!

$11.9 - Who Dat Po’ Boy Beef and Andoulle Sausage (makes for a tantalizing combo)

$9.95 - Catfish – grilled, fried, sautee’d OR$10.95 blackened

$9.95 - Shrimp – grilled, fried, sautee’d OR$10.95

$12.95 - White Meat Alligator

$15.95 - White Meat Alligator with Cajun Fries

$11.95 - Alligtor Sausage with Cajun Fries

$8.95 - Cajun Steak N’ Cheese (served the Fat Tuesday way! Yum!!)


$7.95 - Fried Catfish or Spicy Catfish (The best catfish around!)

$6.95 - Gumbo, Etoufee, or Jambalaya $4.00 Small Gumbo, Etoufee, or Jambalaya

$6.95 - Cheesy Jambalaya Bread(unusual flavors to tease your tastebuds)

$6.95 - Red Beans & Rice$4.00Small Red Beans & Rice

$5.95 - Chicken Strips: Grilled or Fried (tender and juicy)

$5.95 - Fried Chicken Drummies or Spicy Chicken Drummies

$19 - Family size –

Catering available, please call Maria at 515-707-4504 or large parties!!!!

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