chef's salad the fat tuesday way
best red beans & rice
shrimp po boy front view fat tuesday
fat tuesday catfish & cajun fries
fat tuesday crawfish 10-09
sauteed catfish and shrimp
grillin' some alligator at fat tuesday

Customer Comments: "Regarding Fat Tuesday's food, don't put any of this on top of your head or your tongue will beat your brains out to try and get to it!"

"I spent Christmas in New Orleans & now I won't ever have to go back just for the food. Steven's food is better! I'll just keep comin' back here!"

"Fat Tuesday is yummy, relaxing and friendly. I love this place!"

"Steve and Maria have brought something to Des Moines that it has been sorely missing...authentic Cajun food. From crawfish etouffee to Gumbo to a killer Alligator Po' Boy they have it all. Stop in and visit them sometime, keep the dream alive!!"

"I wanted to thank you for such a great lunch that brought I wanted to thank you for such a great lunch that brought back the taste

of N'awlins for me. I put your address and phone number in my address

book and updated my Facebook with a comment for anyone looking for great

New Orleans food in Des Moines to stop by, I really had a great lunch."

We hear from our customers from our feedback forms: Pleasant & friendly atmosphere, we'll be back!, tasty, spicy, different, food was very good, the food brings us back, your food is consistently


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